Teen Witch Workshop

An Introductory Guide to The Craft by Alicen Geddes

So, you think you could be a witch?

Take your first steps on your magical pathway where you will learn what real witches do and don’t do.

Enter a realm of magic; gently and enchantingly where you will learn to awaken your natural ability

to explore and learn The Craft.

This workshop has been created especially if you are a teen to guide you safely in what you really need

to know to get you started in magic. 

Learn how to:

* Prepare to be a magical you with Potions and Herbology!

*Cast a magic circle

*Know the Warning Label on Magic; use magic safely and responsibly

*Perform 5 simple spells to empower your life

*Meet the Elementals

*Meditate with the Star Goddess, Queen of the Constellations

*Open and close the door marked ‘magic’

*Create your own ‘Book of Shadows’ a witch’s magical journal